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Lesson 6 Homework Practice Use The Pythagorean Theorem Answer Key




to work on the second question Make up your own test using the list on the next page to test for your two critical thinking questions. Your answer should be on a separate piece of paper, with the question and your answer in separate columns. If you have a pencil, use the first question to test your understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem. We have included the answer key to help you. But, before you read the answers, make sure that you can look at the first question on the page and figure out the answer on your own. Try your best to think about the question and use the statement from your list to determine the answer. If you have a separate piece of paper, that will be very useful, as you will not be able to copy the answer from the text on the page. Your answer will be one of the numbers in the list. For example, if you have a list of triangles, the correct answer to your question would be #3. If you need to do a speed test, we have provided a statement to help you. Remember, these are the first two questions on the page. This lesson deals with the Pythagorean Theorem. Make sure you are familiar with the formula, and can write it out for yourself. When you start reading, make sure you can get the correct answer of #3 by thinking about the question. If you are using the original version of the web site, the answer is correct. If you are using the new site, the answer is wrong. Make sure you go back and read that before reading this lesson, or you will be confused. Make sure you are familiar with the unit directions, such as making sure you know what to do to set up and use the directions. The Pythagorean Theorem plays an important role in geometry. In this unit, we will use it to work with sides of triangles, as well as perimeter and area. We will also learn about the parallel and perpendicular lines. This is the first question on the page. Make sure you understand the first part. You need to know that the formula for the area of a triangle is given by: The answer is in the top row of the provided matrix. For the second question, make sure you know the definition of the side and hypotenuse. Remember that a diagonal is half of the hypotenuse. Your correct answer to the second question is (B). The correct answer is (B) because the correct side of the triangle




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Lesson 6 Homework Practice Use The Pythagorean Theorem Answer Key

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